A couple of years ago I was out on a jog with my dog Olive and we were about halfway through the jog when the worst thing possible happened to us. We ran upon a snake. Olive, the snake, and I all froze with fear I remember it like it was yesterday. This snake was basically 2 feet long and according to a coworker, it was a coachwhip snake.

I mentioned the snake experience to my co-worker and he asked me "Did you smell it?" Imagine my face of disgust like "Who picks up and smells a snake?". Apparently many people in the south believe that they can smell snakes. At least several people on my Facebook page think that it is possible to smell a snake.

Here is my problem, I was out gardening this past weekend and I felt my heart leap out of my body when I thought I picked up a snake, instead it was a massive worm. I had to take a moment and calm down because I almost had a heart attack. My biggest fear while gardening is running across a snake.

The snakes that people claim they can smell are rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and even copperheads. This has to be an urban legend. Right? Are you a person who swears you can smell snakes? I need to know, can you describe the smell? If so send me the description through Facebook here. I am officially on high alert while gardening and I want to know what to train my nose to smell for.


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