I've never sold or bought anything on Craigslist, I've never really sold anything (unless you count my two months as a car salesman trainee in the late 90's. Did sale four cars.) but a great sales pitch should get the job done pretty often.

We found this user on Craigslist who is selling his Craftsman riding mower. Alright, great brand. That's a start. How he pitches the sale, though, should close the deal pretty quick.


For instance, the opening line from the seller is...

Guys! Craftsman Riding Mower for sale that you don't want to pass up! It's the ultimate chick magnet. Each time you mow your front yard you'll get at least 3 phone numbers from hot girls. It's that good. Trust me.

As he describes the features of the mower, it gets better...

42" cut means you can go slower and still get a lot of mowing done. That gives you more time for drinking beer and talking to chicks.

16 horsepower 460 cc motor means the girls can hear you from blocks away and come running like Baywatch.

Like Baywatch, huh? Dang it! I'm single but don't have a yard to mow or I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat. But, if you're a single dude, with a yard to mow, get in touch with guy. Click here for the full ad.

This reminds me of the country song from Kenny Chesney "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy". If you're a musician, I'll give you the title for your own parody you can play while mowing..."She Think's My Mower's Sexy".

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