As Texans, it is our duty to celebrate this holiday in the best way we know how - grabbing some friends and delicious Mexican food. What more do you really need in life anyway?

It's true, tacos are a staple in Texas. They really deserve to be celebrated all the time - but today in particular!

If you're in the mood for a great taco tonight, check out my top 5 places in Tyler to get one:

If you've ever met me, you know that I am obsessed with all things related to Don Juan's. The food is fantastic, the people are wonderful and the atmosphere is perfect. Plus, on Wednesdays you can get dollar tacos! What could be better than that right?

With several locations in East Texas, El Lugar is a solid option for some yummy tacos. Plus, if you're ever in a hurry you can run in, grab your food and be on your way in no time at all!

I am a new fan of Rusty Taco, but the options on their menu really can't be beat! From brisket tacos to grilled fish, or traditional style, they've got something for any taco lover!

4. Gus'

Gus' provides a ton of wonderful options on their menu and has some really great tacos. But be warned, they get crazy busy on Friday nights (because everyone needs their Mexican food fix), so go early if you can!

Los Gueros is one of my favorite taco spots in Tyler, with outdoor seating and delicious tacos, you can't go wrong. For all of you who are heading to the REL football game tonight, Los Gueros would be right on your way!

Now go out and celebrate like a true Texan - with tacos, a margarita and unlimited chips and salsa.

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