Looks like that case involving a woman claiming to be Jerry Jones daughter just got a lot more interesting.

Recap On Jerry Jones Alleged Daughter

It's pretty crazy we're approaching the two year anniversary of this case first popping up. Back in March of 2022, a woman by the name of Alexandra Davis claimed that Jerry Jones was her father. She claims her mother Cynthia Davis had an affair with Jerry Jones in the mid 90's which resulted in her birth. Jerry Jones and Cynthia Davis allegedly had an agreement to keep this quiet, but the alleged daughter is not keeping silent anymore.

Latest Court Ruling

This case has been ongoing for months at this point and both sides keep claiming victory after every case. The latest ruling came from Dallas County Judge Sandra Jackson. She has ordered Jerry Jones to take a paternity test to see if he is the father to Alexandra Davis.

Statement from Alexandra's Lawyer, Kris Hayes

"Judge Jackson is a true Judge of the people," Hayes wrote in a statement. "She listened to the facts of the case and followed the law perfectly. Her ruling proves that being a rich, powerful person does not mean you are above the law."

What Happens Now?

From what I have seen, Jerry Jones legal team has already appealed this decision once before, so it looks like he has to go through with this. Jerry Jones loves a circus so why not go all out. Get Jerry Jones on Maury and let's do this thing.


Who's not tuning in for that episode?

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