Over the summer, Jerry Jones was sued by a woman claiming that he is her father through an affair with a Little Rock, Arkansas woman. The suit was later dismissed only to have a new one submitted shortly after. In a ruling made the Friday before Christmas, it appears that this battle isn't over.

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A new filing by the attorney of 25-year-old Alexandra Davis is wanting to force Jerry Jones to submit to a paternity test to prove that Jones is Davis' father and to be released from a confidentiality agreement that Davis' mother agreed to, and was paid to keep quiet about, when Davis was born (WFAA). Despite Jones' attorney argument that the court had no jurisdiction to order a paternity test, the judge was able to rule that Jones would have to provide a DNA test to prove the he is, or isn't, Davis' father.

To say what would come of this if Jones is proven to be Davis' father would be complete speculation but I would assume that a large payout would come from it. Jerry does enjoy the spotlight, especially when his Cowboys are winning. I would think this is not the kind of spotlight he would like, however.

We'll keep you updated as we get more information.

April 22, 2022 Update

The 25-year-old woman who is claiming that Jerry Jones is her father has decided to drop her lawsuit against the Dallas Cowboys owner. But this is by no means done.

According to ESPN, Alexandra Davis, the 25-year-old woman making the claim, has dropped her paternity lawsuit against Jerry Jones. Dispite this decision, she still wants to know for a fact that Jerry Jones is indeed her father. Court papers filed on Wednesday, April 20 state that she wants DNA testing done to back up her claim.

Davis' attorney, Jay Gray, said,

Alexandra has just decided that she wants to go ahead and proceed with parentage and DNA testing. She wants to remove any doubts that Jerry's her father.

So yes, by no means is this case done. We'll keep an eye out for any updates.

Update from April 4, 2022

Lawyers for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have filed papers asking a judge to throw out a paternity case filed against him saying he is a 25-year-old woman's biological father. It is also alleged that Jones paid $3 million to the woman, paid for college at SMU and bought her a Range Rover for her 16th birthday.

According to ESPN, Jerry Jones' lawyers asked a judge to dismiss the paternity case filed against him while also accusing the woman of extortion against Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. In papers sent to the judge, the parties were not named but did say that other litigation would follow.

There is also a thing where the accusing woman's lawyers are wanting the husband of Jerry Jones' daughter Charlotte Jones Anderson, Shy Anderson, to preserve various documents related to the Dallas Cowboys in the Anderson's divorce proceedings. Yeah, its a whole thing right now.

Also according to ESPN, it is alleged that Jerry Jones paid the 25 year-old-woman almost $3 million, paid for her to attend Southern Methodist University and bought her a Range Rover valued at $70,000 for her 16th birthday. Little Rock, Arkansas lawyer, Don Jack, says that he wrote checks on behalf of Jerry Jones to the woman and her mother, one for $375,000 and also monthly "child support" payments valued at just over $2 million over time. The 25-year-old woman is also expected to receive a lump sum payment from a trust on her 26th and 28th birthday.

The woman and her mother is alleged to have met with that same lawyer, Don Jack, and asked for $20 million to continue to keep the relationship a secret.

Needless to say, this is certainly a multi level case. We'll keep you updated as more information comes out.

Original Story

It hasn't been the best few months on and off the field for the Dallas Cowboys. From a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader settlement to a disappointing exit from the NFL playoffs to a new lawsuit alleging an affair in the mid-90's where Jones fathered a daughter and both the mother and daughter were paid money to stay quiet about it.

There is a lot to unpack about this lawsuit so I will do the best I can to explain it. On March 3, 2022, a lawsuit was filed by a 25-year-old woman claiming she is the daughter of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The woman also claims that both she and her mother were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet about the situation.

The lawsuit claims that Jones began a relationship with the woman while she worked in Little Rock, Arkansas at American Airlines. The woman was estranged from her husband at the time and appears to have been pregnant at the time of her divorce. In court during those divorce proceedings, it was determined there was no legal father. The mother talked to Jones about her pregnancy and that he might be the father. Jones denied he was but offered to pay $375,000 to not talk about it. Allegedly, there was also two trusts set up for the mother and the daughter.

The lawsuit is wanting Jerry Jones to acknowledge that he is the woman's father and to be released from the confidentiality agreement. Other details of the suit claims that the woman has lived her life without a father and couldn't talk about anything in fear of loosing financial support.

Despite all of the secretive nature of who the woman's father is, she has excelled otherwise in her life both at school and in her professional life. The woman currently works as an aide to a U.S. Representative and worked in the White House while President Trump was in office.

Yeah, its a lot to take in. If you want the full story of the lawsuit, go to kiiitv.com.

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