Good ole Buc-ee's. Texas favorite pit stop for natives and visitors alike. For us in East Texas, making a stop in Terrell on our way to Dallas is a must. Me and my girlfriend have made trips to Terrell just to get some Beaver Nuggets, a new t-shirt and a pulled pork sandwich. What's interesting about Buc-ee's is that only five of the forty plus pit stops have this, a car wash. The Buc-ee's in Fort Worth will become the sixth location in 2023.

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The Joy of Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's is a great stop on your road trip. You can fill up your gas tank, grab a few snacks, pick up some home decor, add a t-shirt or some pajama pants to your wardrobe, use the restrooms you can dine in and even grab lunch or dinner. Right now, among Buc-ee's 34 Texas locations, and it's 10 locations outside of Texas, there are only five that have a car wash. We all want our car to shine on our road trip so it makes sense that Buc-ee's would have one, too.

The New Buc-ee's Car Wash in Fort Worth

One of those five locations to have a car wash is in Katy outside of Houston. Buc-ee's claims that the car wash attached to that store is the largest in the world. The car wash being added to the Fort Worth location will cost $6 million to build with the addition being 5,647 square feet (

The building will certainly be big but no word on if this car wash, from where you enter till you pass through the dryers, will be longer than the one in Katy. Construction is expected to begin February 1 and should be completed by the end of August.

Dreaming of a Buc-ee's in East Texas

If only we could get a Buc-ee's built in East Texas. I mean right along Interstate 20 in Lindale would be the perfect location.

13 Great Locations to Add a Buc-ee's in East Texas

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