It's amazing how far people will go to become famous online. But the Kilgore Police Department has made it very clear that they will help anyone selling Methamphetamine around Kilgore get more popular on social media. The KPD posted online that anyone who is caught distributing meth will have their mug shot posted online for everyone to see.

The Kilgore Police Department deals with meth arrests on a daily basis and they are sick and tired of this drug having such a negative effect on the community. Just earlier this week they posted about a home being raided on Knowles Street in Kilgore as there was an investigation going on and the suspect was selling large amounts of methamphetamine. The suspect Clifford "Catfish" Myers is now facing charges of distributing meth, possession of meth, and evading arrest.

Anyone Caught Selling Meth in Kilgore Will Have Their Mug Shot Posted Online

As mentioned above law enforcement is exhausted from arresting meth dealers, so they have a new technique to stop people from selling drugs. They will now be shaming all meth dealers online. Kilgore Police posted online that meth has destroyed too many people and families so they will do whatever possible to best protect the community.

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You Have Two Options To Avoid Your Mug Shot Online

Kilgore Police have said that if you don't want to see your mug shot posted online then you need to stop selling meth. If you're not willing to stop dealing meth, your only other option is to move out of the area. Because if you're caught selling this horrible drug, you will get blasted online. This is your warning.

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