We don't have room for more lame criminals in East Texas. We've seen drug busts, people breaking into stores with bats, and who can forget this crazy looking lady in the bad wig?

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Now the Kilgore Police Department needs your help tracking down this man they say is responsible for forging checks as a part of an ongoing fraud investigation.


This guy made sure to wear his mask at a drive-up ATM (props?), and made no eye contact with the overhead cameras. But what he didn't realize is that while he was sitting very 'cool-like' with his arm relaxed on the window, his very unique tattoo was on full display.

It's always the tattoos!

If you look closely, he looks to have F-A-M-E tattooed across his knuckles on his left hand. Really, guy?

Kilgore police say they would LOVE to make this guy famous. Clearly, he believed at one point that he was.

I've embedded the rest of the photos shared by the Kilgore Police Department below. He looks to have been driving a rust-colored pickup truck - also kind of unique for someone committing a crime.


Anyone with information regarding this guy's identity is encouraged to contact Detective Joshua Sims at 903-218-6907 or joshua.sims@cityofkilgore.com.

You may also contact the Gregg County Crimestoppers at 903-236-STOP or you can text your anonymous tip to 847411+KILGORE+your tip. Refer to KPD Incidents # 2012-1096.

Let's be better East Texas! We support our community here, and there's no room for this type of foolishness.

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