Recently, the Kilgore, Texas Police posted a humorous, yet concerning announcement on their public Facebook page.

Apparently, someone who decided to do a little shopping last weekend at the Atwood's Ranch and Home Supply location at 1811 US-259 BUS in Kilgore brought a little extra something along with them. And someone seems to have lost that little extra something along the way.

Kilgore Police say they confiscated a baggie of cocaine at the Atwood's store. One can't help but wonder what that someone must've been doing that caused them to drop their drugs.

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One wonders what on earth would cause someone to bring their illegal drugs they shouldn't have had anyway to the Atwood's in Kilgore, Texas in the first place, but it is what it is.

Perhaps they were distracted by the plethora of retail options there at Atwood's and they were so taken in by the lovely clothing, much-needed farm and ranch supplies, or Christmas decorations they absent-mindedly forgot they were carrying narcotics in their pocket or purse.

Whatever the case, someone got home with their purchases and likely realized they forgot ONE little thing. Well, now the Kilgore Police have it. However, they did want to send a message to the person to whom it 'belongs.' Here's what they shared on their Facebook page:

"If you lost your baggie of cocaine this weekend at Atwood's we are keeping it safe for you at the PD. I'm sure it fell out of your pocket on accident and you may not even know where you lost it. We want to reunite you with your baggie. Just give us a quick call and describe it then come by 909 N. Kilgore to pick it up. See you soon!"

Kudos to the Kilgore, TX Police for maintaining a good-natured sense of humor while having to contend with criminal activity.

AND if you're the one that brought that baggie of cocaine to the Atwood's in Kilgore, TX--well, at least now you know where it is.

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