Keyboardist and bassist Lanier Greig, who was one of the original members of legendary rock band ZZ Top, died last week in Austin. He was 64.

Greig's time in ZZ Top was short-lived. He exited the band not long after the group formed in Houston in 1969, and right before ZZ Top rose to stardom.

Greig can be heard on ZZ Top's first-ever single, "Salt Lick," and on its B-side song, "Miller's Farm."

Bassist Dusty Hill took Greig's place (after a short appearance by Billy Etheridge) in the band after his departure, and soon after ZZ Top released their first album, "ZZ Top's First Album," which was recorded in Tyler, Texas, by Robin Hood Brians.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Greig went on to Los Angeles after ZZ Top, recording as a session keyboardist and also working with jazz groups.

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