For being fairly evolved, humans...we get some really STUPID ideas.

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We are always on the hunt for the quick fix when it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss. This is why we shrug our shoulders when we hear of a diabetes medication being used by the elites as a weight loss solution (Ozempic). Most of the time, we just shake our heads and move on to the next instance of ridiculousness.

In this case, common sense has obviously gone to the dogs. Literally.

There is a TikTok fitness influencer (this is code for "moron"), named Henry.Fit who posts a lot of videos and generally infects the internet with "bro-ness" as he promotes various ways to build his body and sell needless crap.  Somewhere down the line, in an effort to find foods high in protein, the topic of eating dog food came up.



Yeah, that was our reaction as well.

He observed that a bowl of dog food has 666 grams of protein, and wondered who would be the one to try this first. Ultimately, this mental midget decided to power down some Kibbles and Bits on TikTok to see if they could be a viable option for increased protein consumption.

It you'd expect.

TikTok user
TikTok user

Yeah, we made that same face too. This marriage material!

Obviously, this clown with a popcorn fart for a brain pulled this stunt for clicks, with the original video being seen over 21 MILLION times.

If anything this proves two things:

People are stupid.

TikTok is even stupider.

Here in Lubbock, we have access to much better options for protein, like beef and more beef. If anyone here in the Hubbaplex is tempted to give this a try after watching this video, please turn in your Lubbock card, and leave immediately. Austin is thataway.


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