Earlier this week, we covered the many complaints residents of Lindale had with it's post office. The problems ranged from letters or packages not being delivered to packages being left on top of mail boxes to formal complaints being ignored. All that bad news, however, brought out another group of residents who have had just the opposite experience, i.e., their mail carrier is great and problems were solved at the local office.

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On Tuesday, I wrote about the many issues coming from residents about the post office in Lindale. I spoke with one resident about the problem of packages being left either on the ground or on top of her mailbox instead of being dropped off on her porch. She couldn't seem to get an answer to why it was happening.

After writing about the issue, I posted the story in both the Heads Up Lindale and Speak-Up Lindale Facebook group pages. While there were a lot of people that agreed there was an overall problem at Lindale's post office, there were others who felt that the service being delivered (I intend my puns) was very good and any issues were resolved.

Those positive comments ranged from always getting their mail correctly to their mail carrier being very engaged with them and their family when making deliveries to going to the post office in person and having an issue resolved. Some folks even called out their driver's name to say how great they are.

From my observation looking into this issue, it's not just Lindale where issues are occurring in postal service deliveries, it's all over East Texas and even across the entire country as noted in this report.

Something else to consider is that yes, there is an issue with the post office in Lindale but the right questions may not being asked. We are in frustrating times right now with people's patience razor thin. It may be a good time to stop, take a deep breath and look at some things with a different perspective. That might help bring some change more than just complaining.

Plus, it is a government run body. Customer service is not exactly what our government is known for or really any good at.

All that aside, let's take a look at the positive comments coming from Lindale residents about the local post office.

Positive Reviews about the Oft Maligned Lindale Post Office

Reporting on the bad reviews of the Lindale Post Office brought out the good reviews that not many have heard. Here is a collection of those thoughts.

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