Everyone knows some of the history in the town they live in. Some may find out through school, some through the old-timers that live in the neighborhood. These are some moments in the history of Longview that we have discovered. Let's see if you knew them too.

  • American Stock Archive, Getty images
    American Stock Archive, Getty images

    An Outlaw Comes To Town

    Bill Dalton makes his only strike in Longview.

    On May 23, 1894, Outlaw Bill Dalton strikes the First National Bank of Longview. Known for riding with his brothers, known as the Dalton Gang, Bill parted ways with his brothers. After riding with a few more outfits, Bill starts his own Dalton Gang. After robbing the bank, the gang shoots there way out of town leaving one bandit dead. This was the only job pulled by this new Dalton Gang and it happened here, in the town of Longview.

  • Jack_Snell, Flickr.com
    Jack_Snell, Flickr.com

    A One Of A Kind Fire Department

    Longview Fire Dept. receives new pump trucks.

    In 1920, Longview is the first in the great state of Texas to acquire new pump trucks for their paid fire dept. Most fire departments at this time were merely volunteer. The volunteer fire department was formed in 1885 mainly as a hobby and social club for young civic leaders.

  • rcbodden, Flickr.com
    rcbodden, Flickr.com

    A Reward For Finding Oil.

    Longview Chamber of Commerce offers reward for oil well

    In 1930, with the oil boom happening in East Texas, the Longview Chamber of Commerce offers a $10,000 reward for the first oil well in Gregg county. The catch? The oil well had to be within 12 miles of the city.

  • OneEighteen, Flickr.com
    OneEighteen, Flickr.com

    Oil Pipeline Helps With The War.

    The 'Big Inch' supplies crude to the eastern refineries.

    During WWII, Longview served as the gathering point for a pipeline nicknamed the Big Inch, due to it's two foot diameter. This pipeline carried crude oil to Pennsylvania, where it then branched out to the eastern refineries. This actually protected the bulk of the nations wartime fuel supply because German subs were threatening tanker ships. It is said the allies rode to victory on East Texas crude.

  • rodeomilano, Flickr.com
    rodeomilano, Flickr.com

    Let's Build Us A Fishing Hole

    Lake Cherokee is more than a fishing hole.

    In 1940, Lake Cherokee was developed by private interests led by banker Verne A. Clements. But it wasn't just for fun either. The excavation was done by R.G. LeTourneau's company to test his latest heavy equipment products. The lake covers more than30,000 acres and is used for boating, fishing and swimming.

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