Let's say you're at a meeting at work and someone bursts in and demands that you surrender your cell phone to them. Most of us would immediately object to this invasion of our privacy but what if this person said they were "law enforcement'?

This conundrum actually happened in Longview last month and this story is pretty wild and makes one wonder "What was he thinking?"

According to KLTV, 34 year old Travis Cain was arrested after it was alleged that he walked into a meeting at the World of Wonders Museum, claimed to be an employee or agent with the CIA, and confiscated phones from several employees.

Apparently, dude was wearing the "CIA Agent Cosplay Kit", a tactical vest, an empty pistol holster on his hip, and tactical-type pants. The report went on to add that Cain flashed what appeared to be a photocopy of a redacted official government document.

He then took everyone's phones and allegedly placed them in what he described as a “faraday bag” that was supposedly designed to block the phones from getting any signals and while the report didn't specify what happened next, its assumed that he later returned the phones to everyone in the meeting before leaving

I wonder did he at least say "My bad yall"? Anyway, Longview Police checked with the Feds to verify Cain's credentials and when it was discovered that he didn't work for them (or they quickly "disavowed any knowledge of his existence") he was arrested and taken to the Gregg County Jail on charges of impersonating a public servant. His bond amount has been set at $125,000.

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