One man in Longview is so eager to convince H-E-B to come to East Texas, he has asked East Texans to call the H-E-B corporate office every. single. day.

Granted, we have quite a few grocery stores in East Texas. Some even offer something out of the ordinary. Examples would be Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and of course, Fresh by Brookshire's. But of course we also have Wal-Mart, Super 1, etc.

I, like many of you, am a big fan of the Brookshire's Grocery Company. In fact, Fresh by Brookshire's is one of my happy places. All the culinary potential and even the store layout makes it a lovely place to be, IMO.

On top of that, I sincerely appreciate the Brookshire's customer service culture. In contrast to many grocery stores you go to, there's a stark contrast in how friendly the employees at a Brookshire's store are as compared with some of the other grocery store options in East Texas. I'm also grateful for what they do to help East Texas communities--including their own employees.

Despite the many grocery store options we have in ETX, many people wonder...

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Why is there not already an H-E-B in East Texas? Anywhere?

At the same time, I really do like H-E-B. The last time I shopped at one was when I lived in West Texas. Overall, it's probably my second favorite grocery store chain. And it's no secret that East Texans have been hoping and longing for an H-E-B store to open its doors here in East Texas.

And that may be even more true, especially after they read the story my colleague shared yesterday regarding one H-E-B in Austin adding a really nice food court and bar to one of their locations. Yeah. You can read that here.

Longview resident Brandon Watson of Longview is so eager to convince H-E-B to come to East Texas, he has asked East Texans to call the H-E-B corporate office every. single. day.

That is, until they are convinced to open a store in our area.

He even provided the number to make it as easy as possible to call.

If you ask some East Texans why H-E-B hasn't opened in East Texas yet, you're likely to hear something about a "special agreement" that has been made to stop them from coming. Now frankly, I don't know if that's true or not. But either way, that's what many people believe.

Have you heard anything about a "special agreement" that's been made to stop H-E-B from coming to East Texas?

What other stores do you wish would come to East Texas?

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