This doesn't even work for the phrase, "Only in Texas"!

Buc-ee's in Terrell, Texas - the closest one to Tyler - was home to an interesting scene on Friday and the Terrell Police Department is asking for everyone's help in identifying a man and his pet monkey.

The reason the police are involved is because the monkey allegedly bit a girl Friday afternoon, according to NBC-DFW before the primate and the owner left the giant Texas gas stop. The main reason for the search is to find out if the monkey has received all of its shots - for the safety of the girl.

Someone on Facebook claimed they saw the duo at a QuikTrip yesterday - they're taking down the rest stops with the cleanest restrooms, one day at a time.

Chances are, you don't even have to see what they look like because if you know someone who walks around with a monkey on their shoulder, it's probably him. If you recognize the man (or the monkey) is the surveillance image, please contact the police at 469-474-2700.

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