Anyone who has worked in food service knows that the job is NOT easy. Many customers want the food immediately, for cheaper than it says on the menu, and still want to complain about it. While it is nice to see some social media groups across East Texas with people raving about restaurants, there always seems to be more rants than raves. But the manager in Jacksonville, Texas got very honest with customers on a social media post that is gaining attention.

The manager at the Denny's in Jacksonville, Texas (JJ Staggs) is trying to make a positive change specifically for his restaurant as he knows previous employees have given the restaurant a bad name around town. It was just a few weeks ago, that he posted about wanting to earn that trust and confidence back.

I understand that the past management and employees at Denny's in Jacksonville have done a bang up job of ruining the trust and confidence of the public. I am trying to change that image and earn that trust and confidence back.
I appreciate your help by letting me know about bad experiences. Get your server's name if you get bad service. If the food is bad, find out who the cook is. If the manager doesn't assist in helping find a solution right then and there, get their name.
Keep your receipt. Come see me or message me on Facebook and let me know who and when so I can weed out the people who don't care and only show up to get paid.

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But This Restaurant Manager Isn't Going to Let Customers Walk All Over His Staff

While JJ is trying to improve things at the restaurant and hope that customers give him and the staff a second chance that doesn't mean he won't stand up to a customer who is expecting fast food when visiting the sit down restaurant. He recently posted this online

I will throw this out there for those of you who may not have figured this out already... Denny's is not a fast food joint just like IHOP, Chili's, or Applebee's.
You will probably end up waiting a little bit especially if you go and the entire crew working is brand new and inexperienced, if there less than 4 people bothered to show up to work, or if it is busy. You can expect to be there a good minute especially if more than one of these issues are going on at the same time.
We can only do our best with what we have to work with so a little patience and understanding will go a long way.
We appreciate everyone who comes in ;however, if you expect fast food at a dine in restaurant then you should probably have went to McDonald's or Taco Bell instead.


This is the Honest Feedback More People Need to Hear

It's so easy for people to complain online now it's great to hear honest feedback from the management of these restaurants. So many of these employees are our friends and neighbors, just remember to be kind and patient as they are doing the best they can even dealing with staff shortages and food shortages.

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