East Texans LOVE Mexican food and Latin-inspired recipes. You can tell by all of the incredible restaurants we have around here. I love all of them. I'd like to add one of my new favorites to the list and encourage you to head there as soon as possible--because it's amazing. (Note: They are closed for Labor Day--so go Tuesday.)

Manny's Mucho Taco is, in fact, like being in a level of heaven where your reward is delicious tacos. Sounds like a happy after life. You know what's even better? You can go there right now on earth.

OK, maybe it sounds like I'm blowing it out of proportion? OK, let's just say I've added it to my short list of weekly go-to's. Oh, and even better? There's a drive-thru, too.

So there's many different types of Mexican and Latin-inspired flavors. According to the very nice lady I spoke to on the phone when I was placing my to-go order yesterday this is "authentic-style Mexican" food. They also offer a variety of baked goods, as well. They certainly have the space to do so, as they're in what was previously Chez Bazan at 5930 Old Bullard Road in Tyler.

So, I didn't have the chance to go inside, as they were closing early for the coming holiday weekend. But she was very helpful over the phone to tell me about the wide variety of taco options from the ones you know and love like barbacoa and beef to picodillo--my favorite and one I'd not been able to previously find in East Texas. It's ground beef and potato and I got mine in a fresh, from scratch flour tortilla. Naturally they have corn tortillas, as well--and crunchy tacos are an option. OMG. Plus, when you pour either the rojo or verde sauce on top, get ready to flip out.

The enchiladas? Also in that authentic style so many East Texans have grown to love topped with the "white cheese" and served with truly delicious beans and rice.

My order came out perfect--nothing was missing, and that includes every bit of flavor you'd want. I'll be back. Like, as soon as possible.

Highly recommend. Connect with them to learn more here.

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