As of yesterday, there's a new thunder god in the Marvel Universe and he's a she.

Yesterday at San Diego's Comic-Con International, fans attending the Marvel Studio's panel were surprised and/or delighted when according to ENews "director Taika Waititi told the Comic-Con audience while they were shooting Thor: Ragnarok, he read from Jason Aaron's Mighty Thor comic series, which depicts Jane as a female Thor.

"So, there's only one person who can do that," Waititi said, referring to Portman."'

I've been a fan of Portman for many years. In the sea of pop culture frenzy, she's one of the actresses for whom I've had immense amounts of respect. After seeing her masterful performances in many films, including the first two Thor films, I'm excited about Portman receiving Thor's hammer, or Mjolnir, onstage at Comic-Con--both metaphorically and literally.

In the first two films she played Thor's (played by Chris Hemsworth) love interest and the brilliant astrophysicist Jane Foster. She was noticeably absent in the third installment in the franchise,Thor: Ragnarok. However, after footage from Dark World was seen in Avengers: Endgame, many wondered if she'd be making a return.

Oh yes, she is. To the sounds of "thunderous" applause.

Curious to learn more about the Jane Foster story line and the latest on this development? Check out more here.

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