It was just a few weeks ago I told you about the amazing milkshakes that were available in East Texas as Three Bees Milkshakes was moving their location from Gilmer to Longview. Unfortunately, things didn't go as easy as planned and according to a Facebook post made by their owner Three Bees Milkshakes is no more.

The goal was to have the new location open around Halloween but as we all know sometimes things don't go according to plan. But it sounds like their owner is staying positive about the whole situation and has future plans for the building even if it means not making milkshakes.

What is the Big Issue Throughout the Moving Process

It refreshing to hear the honesty on social media but according to the post made online it comes down to a plumbing issue. This problem would cost more to fix than the owner can afford. But instead of being disappointed with the unexpected problems the building will be used for a new project, not yet to be announced.

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Three Bees Owner Wants to Connect With Local Vendors

While the details of the new project hasn't been announced at this point, the owner would still love to work with local vendors. We will be keeping an eye on the project and as soon as more details are announced we will be sure to let you know.

Lastly, the Three Bees Owner wants to thanks all of her customers, the support has really helped.

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