In another disturbing story surrounding missing children in the state of Texas, authorities in Laredo say they have found a young girl reported missing out of Odessa. Where they found her is where this story takes a turn.

On Friday, August 28, U.S. Border Patrol agents in Laredo reported its agents found the girl inside an 18-wheeler pulled over on I-35 at a border patrol checkpoint.

The girl was concealed inside the tractor trailer.

The Webb County Sheriff's Office took the driver of the tractor trailer into custody, and the girl was transported from the scene.

The child's identity has not been released.

On its Facebook page, the U.S. Border Patrol says that, "Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to be diligent every day in protecting the safety of our citizens and preventing potential tragedy."

This story comes on the heels of another major story out of Georgia where 39 children were recovered from a human trafficking sting.

The Texas Attorney General's Office estimates there are at least 234,000 victims of labor trafficking in Texas alone, and 79,000 victims of youth and minor sex trafficking in our state at any given time.

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