Misty Copeland breaks boundaries as a black ballerina, and now she's gone viral with her appearance in a new Under Armour ad depicting her struggle and accomplishment.

Under Armour's campaigns usually feature football and baseball stars. This one stands out as it features not only a woman, but a woman who's ability and will to succeed, have carried her beyond her wildest dreams.

The theme of the ad 'I Will What I Want,' tells Misty's story concisely, while her biography, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, illustrates it in fine detail. Living in poverty as child, Misty was discovered at a Boys and Girls Club in San Pedro, California. She began taking dance at the late age of 13. Though she struggled for acceptance early, she has now risen to a soloist in the American Ballet Theater.

Her story has been featured on ABC's 'This Week,' and she hopes to help more little girls of diverse backgrounds to have the opportunity to learn classic ballet as she did.

Watch her dance.

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