When I hear about things like this it just makes me wonder what in the world is going on inside of our schools here in Texas. While I can guarantee there isn’t a person making school lunches that wants to serve moldy pizza to students how does something like this happen. It’s just shocking to me that we have teachers that are buying their own supplies and students being served disgusting food, so where is all the money going that is supposed to be going to these schools? 

Recently, Keandrae Banks, the parent of a middle school student went to social media and posted a photo of the lunch that her daughter was served at Byrd Middle School in Duncanville ISD. The meal consisted of a fruit cup (pears) and pizza which had a few bites out of it. But the students at school began eating the pizza and noticed that it didn’t taste right, they flipped over the pizza and found the mold. 

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Here is What the School District Had to Say 

According to the Duncanville ISD, there were no reports of issues with food made to the school or district. They do know about the picture and comments online and are working to do more quality control. All other food in the kitchen has been checked to make sure this isn’t an ongoing issue. 

Let’s Hope This Is An Isolated Incident 

No kid or adult should be eating moldy pizza, it seems as though this was an accident, but let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.  

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