Moms, if you received a gift for Mothers Day that truly matched your value, you got a big fat check close to six figures.  Moms roll a dozen jobs into one every day, but there's one that's worth more than all the others.

Not many people are willing to put in endless hours of work for zero pay, but moms do it without complaining (at least most of the time).  Working for free comes with the mom territory, but it's fun to dream about getting a paycheck for doing what comes naturally.  And it would be a big one.

Every year, recognizes moms for the work they do as chauffeurs, counselors, maids, chefs, judges involved in dispute resolution between siblings, nurses, activity planners, and now homeschoolers, superintendents, and principals. The value is based on real numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and salary data for the most reasonable job titles for the hats that moms wear.

This year, there was a 32 percent increase in the value of a mom's annual salary for a total of $93,920.

The jobs that increased in pay the most this year:

16% - Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
14% - Private detectives and investigators
14% - Counselor
14% - Laundry

If moms were paid the wages of a childcare worker, that would account for the biggest chunk of the salary, at $25,532 per year.

The numbers showed that moms usually spend an average of ten hours per week helping the kids with school, which makes most of us belly laugh now.  With the pandemic factor, it's felt more like twenty-five or thirty hours each week on school, while trying to balance all of the other mom jobs and our other paid jobs too.

Being a mom can stress us to the max, make us feel guilty for not being enough, and exhaust us to the core, but we love those kids so much we wouldn't trade it for anything. I mean, it would be nice if we didn't have to clean grass stains and sweep up broken vases, but most of it we wouldn't trade.

Ask any mom how she does it all every day and she won't have a clue.  She just makes it happen.  And the day after Mother's Day is the perfect time to surprise her with a little more thanks.  We love ya, moms!

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