Wouldn't it be nice to wake up every morning and the only sound you hear is nature? That's becoming less and less a thing even for those living on a country road. But there still are areas, especially in Texas, where we can be surrounded by nothing but wide open fields. One such place exists in Boerne, outside of San Antonio, and your "neighbor" is arguably the biggest star ever in country music.

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The Less Ranch is in Boerne, Texas outside of San Antonio. In total, its 2,270 acres of fields, lakes and ponds and even has a cave that is spring fed. Your closest neighbor is a short drive away at the Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort where George Strait lives. Yes, your neighbor is just the biggest country music star ever.

The main house on the property is fairly simple compared to the expanse of land its on but it also has a pool, a guest house, a barn and more. Its hard to ignore the fact that you can wake up, pour a cup of coffee then head outside and the only sound you will hear is the cows mooing and birds chirping in the distance. That's nice.

There's even a cave on the property that is spring fed and would make for a nice relaxation point or just a nice area to stop and cool off during the summer.

All in all, this would be worth the asking price of $54,500,000. You can get all the details, if you have this kind of cash hidden under the mattress, on the property through DR Dullnig Ranch Sales or take a virtual tour of the property below.

Less Ranch in Boerne, Texas Where George Strait is Your Neighbor

This is 2,270 acres of open fields, lakes, ponds and a cave for a mere $54,500,000.

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