There is just something about seeing those orange and white stripes that puts a smile on a lot of people's faces. I'm of course referring to Whataburger. Sure, we have a lot of them in East Texas but that just means our commute to get a #5 with onion rings and a Diet Dr Pepper won't take as long. For folks in Whitehouse, that commute will be much shorter very soon as construction will begin soon on the city's first Whataburger.

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The Whitehouse Area Chamber of Commerce posted this announcement Tuesday:

You are invited to a special groundbreaking ceremony for Triple J C-store and the newest Whataburger location.

This is exciting news for the folks of Whitehouse. This new Whataburger gas station combo will be, if I'm reading the map correctly (I may not be so don't @ me if I'm wrong), on Highway 110 next to Autozone and across the street from Tire Worx of Whitehouse.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New business in any city or town is good news. Jobs are available because of the construction, jobs will be available because of the new gas station and the new Whataburger, the tax money generated by the new business will help to improve Whitehouse's economy. It really is a win, win, win situation even if its one of a hundred Whataburgers in the area.

I will issue a fun challenge when the grand opening happens, gather up three or four of your horse riding buddies and go through the drive thru. I mean, what is more Texan than going to Whataburger on horseback? It really is THE thing to do.

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