I have three YETI tumblers. One is a customized Whataburger one but it's not official, another has my old DJ name on it, "Mr. Trendy" (I did not pick that name), and one that's stainless steel.

While I already have a Whataburger YETI, it's not the official one, which Whataburger announced is on sale today.

Need a Christmas present idea? There's not much more Texan than a Yeti customized by Whataburger.

If you own a Yeti or two, then you know the $45.99 price is what's to be expected. You're getting a beverage container that handle anything including being run over by a car or even shot at.

You can buy this 30 oz stainless steel at the Whataburger online store. Keep your drinks hot or cold and represent where you got that sweet tea from.

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