There is an intense rivalry between Texas and California. The political beliefs between the two states are the complete opposite. The way the state's economies are run is completely different. You would need to be a multi-millionaire to live comfortably in California compared to Texas where you don't have to be. Despite those differences, folks from California, and other parts of the country, want to move here. For those that do, they have run into one thing that makes them regret that move.

Reason for the Exodus from California

A lot of it has to do with the political climate of California which is basically the exact opposite of Texas. Another reason is because California is becoming an unaffordable state to live in with its ridiculously high property values and a high state tax. According to census data from 2022, about 102,000 Californians moved into Texas. That's down slightly from the 107,000 that moved to Texas in 2021.

The reasons are about the same for people coming from other states. But is seems that a lot of these folks are not fully doing their research into our state. Sure, in some parts of our state you can get that "old west" vibe which many non-Texans do seek. Others may want to come here simply for the many adventures that can be taken in our state. Whatever the reason, there is an appeal to moving to our part of the United States.


Others, though, seem to neglect looking into one thing, the weather. More specifically, the heat that settles upon us in the summer. A new report from says that the biggest regret moving to Texas is the heat of summer. Other parts of the country get hot during the summer but not Texas hot. You have to be a special kind of person to withstand a 98 degree day with a heat index of 110 degrees and do it for multiple days in a row.

There are other reasons many regret moving to Texas, like politics or just a general culture shock, but the biggest regret is dealing with this disrespectful heat. If you plan on moving here, acclimate yourself first by sitting in a oven for a couple hours a day just so you know what our outside feels like.

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