The housing crunch and rising prices in real estate is just something that most of us are used to hearing about at this point. We know that it’s expensive to try to find a home right now and even if you find one it’s difficult to present an offer before the home is off the market. It seems like lately there have been talks about interest rates beginning to rise again but the hot real estate market in Tyler, Texas isn’t showing that slowdown as there is only one condo in Tyler that is currently on the market. 

As I get a little older, I start to understand why people appreciate having a condo so they don’t have to do landscaping projects, although I love having more space between me and my neighbors. When I was thinking about the yardwork that I need to do I was wondering if condos in East Texas are feeling that same crunch that single family homes are experiencing. After looking at Zillow and Realtor I quickly realized that yes, this housing crunch is affecting all properties. 

There Are No Condo’s Available in East Texas 

When searching for condos for sale I searched Tyler, Flint, Kilgore, Longview, and Lindale and couldn’t find more than a handful of condos on the market. It’s crazy how difficult it is to find a home to purchase in East Texas right now. If anyone is out of state and trying to find something here, good luck. 

Details on the One Condo For Sale in Tyler, Texas Right Now 

While I could only find one condo on the market in Tyler, Texas I will admit the home is beautiful. It’s 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ bathrooms. It’s a total of 2,332 square feet but has only been on the market for 3 days. So, act fast if you want the only condo that is currently for sale in Tyler.  

Only One Condo For Sale in Tyler, Texas

The housing crunch is on here in East Texas as only one condo is for sale in Tyler, Texas.

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