In your travels, you've most likely noticed some entertaining personalized license plates. However, not every request for a personalized plate is accepted by the State of Texas. Looking through the list provided by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, I saw some that would look quite well on someone's vehicle. Others would make you give a funny look to the driver.

Here are our seven favorites from the list rejected so far this year.

  • 1


    Bye Felicia!

    Michael Gibson via
  • 2

    CAT L4DY

    Explains the weird tail coming out of the trunk.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 3


    Must be a Texas A&M fan. They must not have seen Bevo versus the Georgia Bulldog. Bevo won't be an easy kill for your cookout.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 4


    I think we can all imagine the dirty looks wives would give the driver of this vehicle.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 5


    We have strong, non-liking feelings for you, too.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 6


    Do you really wanna advertise this? I mean, kinda defeats the stealthness of your running.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 7


    For those that enjoy their smoke on a roller coaster.

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