If you know someone who wants to own their own piece of paradise in Mineola this is the property they want. It's gorgeous but is also listed as the most expensive property currently for sale in the little city with the population under 5,000. The home is at 700 Private Road 7891 in Mineola, with a purchase price of $2,500,000.

While I understand that is not a small price when it comes to buying a home but it really has everything you could need. If you like to live off the land you might not ever have to leave seeing as the property has stocked fishing lakes, hunting, a trap and skeet shooting range, a clubhouse, even an equestrian center with ranch horses and a full time staff.

If you have 2.5 million dollars to spend on a home you're probably not worried about space for vehicles, but I was shocked to see that this property only has a one car garage.

 The Home Is Only 4,000 Square Feet But It's Beautiful

If you love the look of wood, you will fall in love with this house. The wood beams look fantastic, the wood floors look incredible, it looks like such a cozy home. Anyone who wakes up in this home will love the views of this property.

Kids of All Ages Will Love the Loft Area

There is a wooden ladder inside that leads up to the 2nd story of the home. This will be where all the kids hang out while the parents are in the main area of the house. Giving both groups some room to enjoy themselves.

Outdoor Paradise Showcased in Mineola Home and Property For Sale

Check out this amazing home for sale now in Mineola:

The Blue Hole in East Texas

This beautiful, privately owned lake, is located deep in the piney woods of Jasper County.

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