There is something that is so much fun about looking at beautiful homes, even if they are a little bit outside of our price range. It's interesting to see the ideas and creations that these builders can create or ideas that can be created with enough money to make it happen. Each year the AIA of Dallas creates their tour of homes and people can make the trip to visit each tremendous property. In 2021 the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes is scheduled for October 23rd and 24th but we wanted to give you a peak into some of the homes including one specific home that is featured from Flint.

The homes you see below bring you a variety of properties including some townhomes that look fantastic. There are so many amazing looking designs that I'm sure you will admire, they might even give you some creative ideas on how to make changes to your own home.

The Home Featured from Flint Looks Futuristic to Me

I'm not an architect, and I never will be one, but I love the design of the house in Flint that is featured in the AIA of Dallas Tour of Homes. The slanted roof really helps it stand out. But you have to look at the photo of the bathroom as well, the bathroom sink is fantastic, but if you look in the mirror it seems like there is a bar in the bathroom as well.

Everyone of These Homes Featured in the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes Has Amazing Features

When I look at all the homes featured below it's clear that every little detail looks amazing. Don't just take my word for it, check out these pictures for yourself.

A Look Inside AIA Dallas Tour of Homes Including One in Flint

Here is a look at some of the most beautiful homes in Texas as featured in the 2021 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes.

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