It's not exactly shocking to hear that the real estate market in Texas is a little bit crazy right now. Home prices have been skyrocketing and I know first hand how the home building process can take longer than expected. But when you find a property that you really want you have to jump on it immediately or someone else is going to make an offer. I'm not sure if this unusual Texas home is going to have buyers lining up around the block or if the unusual look to it will make people steer clear, but the most odd looking home in Texas could be yours.

I'm not sure if having a home like this in your neighborhood raises the home prices in the area or not, but it definitely creates a talking piece for everyone around. The house is made of Steel was started by Robert Bruno in 1974. Unfortunately, Bruno died in 2008 before he could finish the project and only lived in it briefly before he passed away. The estimated weight of the home is estimated at 110 tons. It's three levels and overlooks Lake Ransom Canyon.

Where is This Unusual House Located in Texas?

The physical address is 85 East Canyonview Drive in Ranson Canyon, TX. Which is just a short drive east of Lubbock. The home has only been on the market for a few weeks at this point and comes in with a list price of $1.75 million dollars.

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More Details About the Steel House in Lubbock For Sale

The home comes with 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms. The total square footage for the home is around 2,200sq ft. I wasn't able to find any photos from inside the house but if you can afford the Steel house you can call to set up a private showing.

If you had the money would you purchase The Steel House?

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