If you have kids, you probably know about the video game Fortnite. You probably hear overly long stories about their latest play session at dinner. You probably get a lot of requests to purchase V-Bucks so they can buy the latest character skin or character accessory. A new character will be coming to the game this week that pretty much all of East Texas knows, including your kids, Patrick Mahomes.

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Patrick Mahomes is Coming to Fortnite

The announcement came first thing this morning (Monday, August 22) on the Fortnite YouTube channel and through Patrick Mahomes Twitter account. Mahomes character will be available in the Fortnite item shop this Wednesday, August 24, with an opportunity to earn the character on Tuesday, August 23, in a special tournament.

Fortnite via YouTube
Fortnite via YouTube

Patrick Mahomes In Game Character

The character design of Patrick looks great. There are some accessories that will be available to customize his in game character, too, to give him a more gladiator look. There's even a special "saucy style" outfit that shows off Patrick's love of ketchup.

Your Kids are Gonna Want Patrick Mahomes

There are so many kids who are big fans of Patrick Mahomes in East Texas. Being a native of Whitehouse certainly helps, being the new face of the NFL also helps. To go along with their Mahomes jersey, Mahomes poster and Mahomes football card, your kid is probably going to want the Patrick Mahomes character for their Fortnite play time with their friends.

Personally, I haven't played Fortnite in years. I almost want to pick it up again because of the latest DragonBall crossover and now with this addition, it does peek my interest in the game again. But I did want to get this warning out to you so you'll be ready for the ask from your kids in the next couple of days.

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