FROM MARCH 4, 2021: Sometimes a song comes out of seemingly nowhere to become a smash hit. It happened before the internet, but thanks to SounCloud, TikTok, and other social streaming platforms it seems to happen now more than ever. And we love it.

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Released back in April of 2019, "This Damn Song" was Pecos & The Rooftops first song, and to say it's become a viral hit is no exaggeration. The song is approaching 21 million streams on Spotify, and nearly two years after its release it is still being streamed 60-70k every day. And, yes, that is Alexis Texas in the new music video that the band released today.

Pecos & The Rooftops are based out of Northeast Texas, but they are yet another example of the thriving Lubbock music scene. Comprised of front man Pecos Hurley, Brandon Jones (Rhythm Guitar), Zack Foster (Lead Guitar), Kalen Davis (Bass), and Kade Trentham (Drums).

The guys released their debut EP, Red Eye, right before the COVID lockdown on January 24th 2020, but bolstered by their viral hit it's getting some major traction. Two songs ("Wouldn't Have to Miss You," and "Leave Me Lonely") have surpassed a million streams, and a couple more aren't far from entering the million stream club.

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