Because why not, right?

Mini-homes, or tiny houses, are becoming more and more popular as people start to downsize and live more sustainably.

Most recently, there was a push to build tiny homes out of recycled shipping containers in Detroit.

You can buy a tiny house on Amazon or even have it 3D-printed. can buy a Tuff Shed from Home Depot and remodel the inside.

That's what Beth and Barry Smith of Georgia did. They had always wanted to build a tiny house, but they are self-admittedly "not builders." One day, they were browsing around Home Depot when they saw a Tuff Shed - they start at $12,629 for a 16-foot-by-20-foot-by-21-foot shed, without paint. Prices can go up to $22,889 and they have ten models to choose from.

Overall, their tiny house made from a Tuff Shed ran them about $20,000. With upgrades, it came out to about $60,000. Considering that the average home price in the United States is approximately $248,000, this is a GREAT price if you're willing to downsize.

I'm all about this, and I know that it's not for everybody. Some people want to impress and flaunt their money; who am I to speak out against that? Do what you want. For me, personally, I love the idea.

When my mom passed away in 2018, I was tasked with going through all of her belongings. I had already been tasked with cleaning out, selling, and moving her out of the 3-bedroom ranch that she lived in, alone, a few years back. My mom was a big collector - dolls, the Beatles, plates, Precious Moments, etc. And now, all of those "things" are in a storage space that I pay for monthly so I don't have to deal with it.

Great idea - I say, go for it!

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