How could this pretty Tyler, Texas park be that dangerous?

OK, I confess I'm a bit skeptical about these kinds of things. Then again, looks can be QUITE deceiving--to which anyone who has dated someone "good-looking" can attest.

Plus, there's a solid chance that this park has experienced quite a bit of renovation and rejuvenation in the past several years. Tyler government has been focused on that for a while and frankly, I think that is INCREDIBLE. Our kiddos deserve beautiful green spaces where they can play safely.

But can our kids play safely at Peach Avenue Park in Tyler, Texas?

I ran across a post on social media earlier regarding places in East Texas that are known to be haunted and/or dangerous. The initial post did not bring this particular place up. However one of the commenters said, quite vehemently, that they couldn't understand how Peach Avenue Park wasn't on this list.

I confess I wasn't even aware of this particular park. But out of curiosity, I looked it up. Here's how it looks as of 2019:

Google Maps
Peach Avenue Park, Tyler, TX, Google Maps

Someone commented that they'd heard this park was haunted by "some humanoid creature after dark."

OK, OK...but. It could just as easily have been a human being. After all, aren't humans kinda "humanoid creatures." ;) And if a living being is what they're seeing--well, that kinda takes away the possibility of it being "haunted," right?

ANYWAY. I digress.

But what was disturbing to me was reading the comments from people about how dangerous this park is after dark, due to the high level of drug dealing that happens here. And usually, where there's a lot of drug dealing going on, that means a lot of "other" stuff is going on, too.

Google Maps
Google Maps


This is particularly disturbing to hear regarding places that are frequented by our kids.

Have you heard about this happening at Peach Avenue Park...or any of our East Texas parks, for that matter?

Let us know in the comments or feel free to reach out directly at

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