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Pets bring a lot of joy to people's lives. If you've ever had a pet in your life, you know how much joy they can be, they come with an abundance of unconditional love for their owner and 'most' of their friends! It doesn't matter if that pet is a dog, cat, pot belly pig, hamster, rabbit, bird, or any other pet, they bring joy to life.

Each week we feature an animal that is up for adoption from the Humane Society's Pets Fur People in Tyler and usually our featured pet is a dog or puppy, but this week we're featuring a cat! Meet Roxie. Roxie is currently living in the 'catery' at Pets Fur People in Tyler and she is looking for a new home.

Roxie is a stunning 2-year-old long-haired domestic medium-sized female cat with a short stubby tail. She does enjoy being around other cats, is litter box trained, playful, and loves tummy rubs.

Roxie was left behind by her owner when they moved. They left Roxie and her kittens to fend for themselves to find food and shelter. Roxie has had a bumpy road due to being pregnant almost immediately after giving birth. Pets Fur People describes Roxie as a beautiful cat who is looking for love.

For additional information on adopting Roxie call 903.597.2471 or check the Humane Society’s Pets Fur People website. Pets Fur People requires a completed adoption application before arranging a meet and greet. Check out the animals that are available for adoption. Adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am until 5 pm - closed for lunch 1-2 pm. The Humane Society’s Pets Fur People is the only brick-and-mortar no-kill shelter in East Texas. Pets Fur People offers routine vaccinations, except for rabies, to the public for dogs and cats. Follow Pets Fur People on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please be a responsible pet owner - spay or neuter your pets. Donations are appreciated.

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