Granted, you and I haven't had a conversation about what type of family activities you and yours are looking for this Christmas, but this is it. Beginning on November 18th, and running through New Year's Day, Marshall, TX will host the Piney Park's all new Trail of Lights.

Now, we're not, of course, accustom to white Christmases in East Texas, but this looks like it could be the next best thing.

Guys, this is really setting up to be an absolutely wonderful family time, or a great date night. They are promising a dazzling trail of lights, a hundred foot long slide extending down from Piney Peak, a 45-foot Christmas tree, and the crown jewel -- a 10,000 square foot lighted walk-through maze.

If you've got kids, bring 'em! They can play in an enclosed play area, and the Christmas trail of lights is stroller (and wheelchair) compatible. The grounds feature a Holiday Market filled with great holiday gifts and ideas, and you won't have to leave to eat. You can grab something to eat from the variety of food trucks on-hand. In fact if you own a food truck and would like to participate click here.

And perhaps the best part of this all, which we've touched on already, is that it isn't a drive-thru light show like so many others in the area. That stroller compatible trailer we were talking about, that is what you walk down while you take in the sights, the sounds, the smells, the magic of Christmas in East Texas.

Hopefully my family will see yours there. Early bird deals are going on now, and you can actually save some money if you plan on going a couple of times, by getting a season pass.

Merry Christmas!

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