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Here we have yet another viral video of an entitled Karen misbehaving in public.

This particular specimen donned an ugly purple skirt, 7th grade Sunday school shoes (with socks -- ew!), and quite the potty mouth as she set off into the world to cause a scene.

Today's target? An employee at a Pizza Hut in Fort Worth, Texas.

After some kind of disagreement, this lovely lady (probably someone's mother or grandmother) decided the best course of action would be to physically throw a flaming hot pizza at a Pizza Hut worker and then berate them with a slew of terrible language, one can only assume she learned at church.

Employees holler back and ask her to leave, but she continues to throw a fit and demands another pizza. She even asks Siri to call the Pizza Hut Corporate Office, which I find hilarious.

People that ask Siri things out loud in public, or in the middle of an altercation at a Pizza Hut, probably deserve whatever sad hell they are living in.

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As a former food service worker, all I can really say is that I would have lost my job that day if I was standing on the other side of the counter. The internet has done a great job the last few years at keeping these crazy white ladies in check by sharing video footage of their humiliating behavior for all to see.

Some of the comments on the original Twitter post include:

"She thinks bringing up the corporate number will make every worker drop to their knees and beg for mercy. What's she doing at Pizza Hut anyways? She strikes me as a Papa John's gal."

"Why would you act like that and then expect them to remake your food? Do you like eating food made with floor crumbs? Because that’s how you get food made with floor crumbs."

"All that going on, and all I can think is "Damn. She wearing socks with them strappy heeled sandals." 

My sincere hope is that she is never allowed to eat Pizza Hut again. Even when she's at a party with friends or at a work event and reaches for a slice of that delicious goodness, Pizza Hut ninjas will spring forth from the shadows and karate chop that slice of pie from her hands with unprecedented quickness.

Good riddance.

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