For people who live in Tyler, Texas please be aware that the Tyler Police Department have confirmed they'll be increasing traffic enforcement throughout the duration of the long July 4th holiday weekend.

One of my favorite things about some of our East Texas law enforcement departments is how much they seek to share helpful information to the public BEFORE citizens find themselves in a situation where they're being stopped for being in violation of the law.

Contrary to somewhat common misperceptions, most police officers don't want to pull you over for traffic violations. They want the public to drive safely and keep traffic flowing smoothly. Today, the Tyler Police Department shared a perfect example of this.

Tyler, TX Police Department Public Information Officer, Andy Erbaugh, sent out a press release regarding increased traffic law enforcement over the course of the July 4th weekend.

Officer Erbaugh said that beginning this Friday, July 1, and continuing through Tuesday, July 5, Tyler Police have opted to increase the presence of police officers on the street. He also said they'll be "utilizing STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program). This program is based on crash data in the city limits of Tyler that allows our officers to pinpoint target areas that are a problem."

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Please know the Tyler Police have fully confirmed we will be seeing additional officers on our roads who will be "specifically watching for hazardous violations such as speeding, intersection enforcement, seat belt violations and most importantly impaired drivers." (Emphasis mine.)

We all have heard by now that if we choose to drink and drive, not only are we in danger of receiving a DUI, but we also risk the lives of our neighbors, friends, family, and ourselves. And remember, the traffic is always more intense during holiday weekends when many are out celebrating or traveling to spend time with friends and family.

Whatever you do, please don't drink and then make the choice to drive. It's never worth it. Call a friend. Call an Uber. Call a taxi.

And even if you're not drinking and driving, please be extra careful when it comes to speeding or other traffic infractions. And let's put our phones down so we can pay attention to our surroundings, stay safe, and have a great time celebrating the independence of this country.

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