Our environment is very important. Our trees and plants clean the air and provide the oxygen we need to breathe. Our animals and insects spread pollen to allow those trees and plants to grow. We use the earth to plant food that will feed us and allow wildlife to steal a few for themselves. We all work together to keep our planet alive everyday. We also have a problem with letting our trash and other pollutants to get into part of that environment, including the water we need. Sadly, one of the most polluted rivers in the country is on the border of Texas.

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Polluted Waterways

A new study recently showed the most polluted rivers in the United States (econation.org). In that study, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that 28% of the country's rivers, lakes and reservoirs are polluted. These pollutants are as dangerous as mercury, making the fish many people catch virtually inedible, to trash that is haphazardly thrown into the water to corporations dumping their toxic materials into the ground which then seeps into our natural waters.

Most Polluted Rivers

In total, the study found the 15 most polluted rivers in the United States. The most polluted is the Ohio River which runs along the southern borders of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio and connects to the Mississippi River. This pollution comes from the many industries that run along the river's banks. The most famous of these polluted rivers is the Mississippi River which takes in the runoff from industries and farms.

Most Polluted in Texas

Out of the 15 most polluted rivers in this study, the Red River, bordering Texas and Oklahoma, came in as the 13th most polluted river. Much like the Mississippi, the Red River pollutants come from industrial pollution as well as runoff from surrounding farms.

The 15 Most Polluted Lakes

  1. Ohio River
  2. Calcasieu River
  3. Mississippi River
  4. Savannah River
  5. Tennessee River
  6. Harpeth River
  7. Holston River
  8. Cuyahoga River
  9. Willamette River
  10. New River
  11. San Joaquin River
  12. Colorado River
  13. Red River
  14. Delaware River
  15. Allegheny River

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