This week we've got some Ragweed news, is Don Williams is in fact putting out a new album, a Texas Regional Radio Music Awards update plus more! Rita Ballou from joins the RTX Crew each week for All the Dirt in Red Dirt, here's a preview of what she has for us on tonight's episode of Radio Texas Live.

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    Texas Regional Radio Music Awards

    Well, the TRRMA’s are finally here! They’ll take place at Arlington Music Hall tomorrow evening with performances from Randy Rogers, Casey Donahew, Ali Dee and so many more. Good luck to everyone!

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    Don't Expect a Ragweed Reunion Tour Anytime Soon

    Kelly Dearmore from the Dallas Observer had a candid interview with former Ragweed frontman Cody Canada about their break up. Among many other things Cody said "It's been long enough and I'm tired of covering up for a certain guy," he went on "We decided that in order to press forward as individuals, we should just split it. I'll just say that the person in question was uncomfortable, and it was time to move on. It's not fun to play music when one person from the band isn't into it.” -- if you’re a ragweed fan check out my blog for the entire story

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    Ray Wylie Hubbard Named Number 1 Old Musician Actually Using Twitter!

    The declaration was made by the Houston Press, Here’s a sample tweet: "journalist! quit referring to me as a singer/songwriter, dammit. instead use "deepgrooveinthebloodmasterlesssamuraifolkpoetbluesman." You can follow Ray Wylie Hubbard too: @raywylie

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    Don't Call it a Comeback

    The Gentle Giant is making a comeback! According to the Sugar Hill Records website Don Williams will be releasing his first new album in 8 years. In a related story Brandon Rhyder and Jason Boland have all ready begun calling dibs on covers from it.


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