You may recall our article from several days ago in regard to a seriously dangerous incident of road rage that took place in Harris County.

The road rage footage speaks for itself.

In the video, you'll see the driver of the silver Saturn SUV pull in front of a delivery truck and come to a complete STOP in the middle of the busy freeway. He gets out of the car and walks to the window of the truck where he then proceeds to take a swing at the driver.

And here's that video---->

Many of us can relate to becoming frustrated when we're on the road after a busy, not-very-good-day--and all we want is to get the kids to practice, to the restaurant where we're meeting a boss for lunch, or HOME.

However for most of us, this is at worst an every now and then thing. But this man, it's become an ongoing issue for him, clearly. But more importantly, it created a very scary encounter for those against whom he raged.

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Turns out the man in the video is 41-year-old Stephen Sahr. And as you'll see in the video below, the video above is at least the third time his road rage has bubbled over to the point of assault. He clearly has some anger issues. Check out this video from where a victim shares her encounter with him back in June of this year. ---->

It's understandable why the lady in the video preferred to remain anonymous. I certainly would, too. You can't be too careful in these types of situations.

I'm glad she called the police, just so the incident would be on record. reports that "the police report with the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office said another driver involved in the incident claimed Sahr threw something out of his car, nearly hitting the other driver's vehicle and almost caused him to crash."

But no charges were filed against him in regard to THAT case. However, he would be arrested that same day for yet another incident of road rage during which court records indicated he'd actually fired a shotgun at a vehicle.

The man clearly has anger issues and needs help. He certainly needs to have his license suspended at the very least, in my humble opinion.

Fast forward back the incident that took place in the first video above. reports "during probable cause court, a judge set his bond on two misdemeanor charges at $15,000, issued him a curfew and told him he would not be able to drive."

So, he WAS arrested this week for that incident. As of now a judge has taken away his driving privileges and he is wearing an ankle monitor.

In your opinion, should this guy be allowed back on the road?

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