Whataburger is exploring options for a possible sale of the company.

Before you freak out, it's not exactly how it sounds. Let me explain.

Whataburger wants to expand outside of the South. Currently, Whataburger has 820 locations, 670 of which are in Texas. They also have locations in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

In 2017, Whataburger was ranked number seven nationally among burger joints, bringing in $2.2 billion, according to mysanantonio.com. Not bad for not having restaurants in every state. Last year, they brought in $2.4 billion and Whataburger added more stores.

What is Whataburger wanting to do?

The company has hired Morgan Stanley to look at their options. Those options include selling the company outright. Maybe selling part of it. Re-franchising could be an option. They could also find some private investors or simply selling Whataburger shares to the public.

Bottom line, Whataburger wants to expand and the company is looking into how that can done. I'd be all in for buying some Whataburger shares if that's the route they choose.

Not bad for a company that started in the 50's in Corpus Christi and has been able to remain family owned since.

Great, now I'm craving a #5 with some onion rings.

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