We all know that summertime in Texas is no joke, the heat can be intense at times. But most of us know how to deal with the sun and heat at this point, and while it might be annoying after long periods of hear, this too shall pass. But if you’re like me and enjoy some of that Texas heat and warm temperatures outside you’re in luck. Because there are lots of options as far as restaurants offering outdoor seating around Tyler, Texas. 

Eating Outside

East Texas in general has tons of fantastic restaurants serving up all kinds of flavors but not all restaurants offer outdoor seating which is why we wanted to help bring this list to you. While I understand there are many people that would rather sit inside and enjoy the air conditioning, I love being outside when the sun is shining to enjoy a meal. And we can even help if you’re one of those people that like to take your dog with you to a restaurant too. 

Lots of Options for Dining Outdoors in East Texas 

The list below is highly recommended locations from Yelp! And there are plenty of recommendations as you will see when you scroll down. And we always like to encourage you to support your favorite local restaurants. 

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Let's See the Outdoor Dining Options Available in Tyler, Texas 

If there’s a restaurant that should be on this list but isn’t listed yet, tell us about them in the comment section. Now, let’s look at some of the highest rated options for restaurants offering outdoor seating in Tyler, Texas.  

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