We all dream of retiring. Its HOW we retire that differs between us. Some buy an RV and travel the country. Some enjoy their time at home with their dogs. Others have chosen living out their retirement days onboard a cruise ship. Its possible, and depending on your budget, could be an option for you as well.

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Richard and Angelyn Burk may have perfected retiring on a cruise ship. The couple have been able to get their expenses to about $100 a day, $135 if they want to do a little something extra, all while having room and board and food provided for them. Their travels for 2022 will take them to Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Alaska, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. I don't like the phrase "living your best life" but its very applicable when it comes to the Burks.

Depending on your retirement strategy, it may not be that hard to be like the Burks. Galveston has both Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines leaving port on a regular basis. Many other companies are looking into it or want to come to Galveston, including Disney. These cruise lines offer so many activities onboard the ship and at the various ports they stop at, also.

I mean, it really would be a great way to live out your retirement days. No cooking, very little cleaning and you get to visit a new place with every trip. My 401K isn't the biggest right now but I can certainly see the benefits of traveling by boat for the rest of my life.

Would you want to sail out of the Galveston port for a majority of the year during your retirement years?

The Burks aren't the only ones who are living this retirement life, Mario Salcedo has been doing it for two decades now. "Mama" Lee Wachtstetter spent many years aboard Crystal Serenity. Get a more detailed look at others who have chosen this retirement path HERE.

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