Rita Ballou from Rawhide and Velvet joins Radio Texas, LIVE! each week to keep us up to date on all the happenings in the Texas and Red Dirt Music scene. This week Eli Young Band redeem themselves, The Departed take over the internet and we get an update on Bart Crow's back surgery plus more, here’s All the Dirt in Red Dirt.

Hear the Dirt Here

Bo Phillips says "Shame on you Stillwater"

I love a good rant. And apparently so does Bo Phillips. Bo, who scored his first No. 1 earlier this year with “Red Dirt Girl” and is brother to Stoney Larue had some choice words for his hometown of Stillwater, OK. And he began them with “Shame on you Stillwater” and ended with “Musicians don’t leave Stillwater… They’re pushed away.”  I don’t have time to read the entire rant, but you definitely should go by my blog and read it…. Way to go Bo!

Ohhhh! Now Eli Young Band's Video Makes Sense

Well, I’m glad to see the Robot is booking acting jobs. So last week me, and pretty much everyone ripped Eli Young band’s new video for “Say Goodnight” because of the stupid robot in it. I thought maybe the Robot was some kind of inside joke that I wasn’t hip enough to know about. Turns out it is… of sorts. It turns out the Robot isn’t new to show business. EYB Bassist Jon Jones confirmed that fans should recognize their leading-robot from Ben Affleck’s newest thriller, Argo. Everybody now Ohhhhhhhh!

Cody Canada and the Departed "Adventus" is Out Now

The arrival of The Departed’s Adventus sure got the interwebs all excited last week. I don’t think I have seen so much buzz and so many reviews for a “scene” album in forever… which shows it was bigger than just a “scene” album.  All of the usual suspects posted their reviews and they all had a lot in common. They were all extremely positive and they all agreed that the guys had something to say and were not afraid to say it.

Bart Crow's Back Surgery

My little Tart, Bart Crow took to his Facebook page to update all of  us about his back surgery. He wrote On Tue Nov 27th I will be having my L5 disc removed from my spine & replaced w/ bone from my hip & nuts & bolts. I’ve been suffering from pretty gnarly back pain for approx 12 years now, this is my 2nd lower back procedure. I am hoping that this will be my final battle with this problem."

Best of luck with the procedure, Bart. Here’s to a speedy recover and we cant wait to have you… BACK!