Rita Ballou from Rawhide and Velvet joins Radio Texas, LIVE! each week to keep us up to date on all the happenings in the Texas Music scene. From Fowler's new music video, to The Damn Quails ESPN debut, Reckless Kelly's new single with a "twist" and more here's All the Dirt in Red Dirt, last week.

Kevin Fowler's Got a new video

The new Kevin Fowler video for "Here's To Me and You" hit the streets last week, and it's your typical “live” performance video complete with "panty row," "man-fans," autograph signings and beer drinking. The video for the song which topped the Texas Music Chart four weeks this summer, was shot at Flores Country Store in the San Antonio area and The Nutty Brown Cafe in Austin.

So so long adam dunn

I sure don't know anything about baseball. But I know a Damn Quails song when I hear one. While White Sox player Adam Dunn was being interviewed on ESPN about his go-ahead three-run homer in the eighth inning to win a game over Cleveland last week, you can hear "So So Long," The Damn Quails current single a song blasting loud in the background. You can see the interview and hear TDQ's ESPN debut here.

reckless kelly give fans a bonus

Reckless Kelly released a new single this week, with a twist. The single, “Pennsylvania Avenue” contains a B-side with another song, titled “Back In The U.S.A.” -- so its like a two for one special. You can listen to samples of both songs as well as order the set on iTunes for only $1.98.

bart crow's new album + video shoot

Have you recently thought to yourself, self… I wonder how Bart Crow’s new CD “Dandelion” was made?  Well, wonder no more! Bart has released a 20 minute documentary that shows the ENTIRE process. And as an added bonus you can see scenes from his very first video shoot for the title track of the new CD, that he just happened to film in his own back yard... literally. It was all fun and games until the "popo" showed up.  Check out the documentary right here.

josh grider is behind frienemy lines

Josh Grider has been guest blogging in Ritaville for several weeks now, keeping us all up to date on his experiences recording his latest EP in Nashville, and the filming of his role on "Troubadour, Tx." This week Josh lets us take a listen to one of the songs he has been working on titled “Price of the Dream."  Be sure to watch for Josh on the docudrama every week. And check out his weekly column "Behind Frienemy Lines," posted every Tuesday morning.

hear the dirt here


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