This week for your RTX Sunday Video we take a look at "El Cerrito Place," a song that was written by Keith Gattis. Now, Gattis included the song on his Big City Blues record, and it was of course later covered by Charlie Robison; he included it on his Good Times album released in 2004.

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You may recall that Kenny Chesney took a stab at this one as well. His version was released in 2012, and it rose to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Radio Chart. But for many Charlie's was and always will be the definitive recording of this amazing song.

Come September, it will have been two years since the Texas Music legend retired, hard to believe. After 25 years of making music, Charlie Robison hung it up in 2018 after he underwent a surgical procedure on his vocal chords. Due to complications from the surgery he was left with the permanent inability to sing. And while we certainly respect the body of work he left behind, we still absolutely hate that leaving wasn't on his own terms.


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